Truck Body Options

 At Conyers Truck Bodies we have our sister company, Conyers Welding and Machine on site. This means than we can   build and install just about any option you can dream up right here. Here are just some of the options that you can install on  your next truck body.

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Tool/Storage Box

Who couldn't use more dry, secure, storage? Add a lockable tool/storage box to your body.

Standard sizes include:

-24 X 18 X 18 

-30 X 18 X 18 

-36 X 18 X 18 

-48 X 18 X 18 

-60 X 18 X 18 

We can build a box any size to fit your truck and your needs.

Weed Trimmer Rack

Safely transport and secure your trimmers, edgers, and pole saws with our Weed Trimmer Racks. Weed Trimmer Racks can be made to hold 3 or 4 trimmers. 

Hand/Garden Tool Rack

Keep your hand/garden tools organized and in top condition with our Hand/Garden Tool Rack. The Hand/Garden Tool Rack can be made to hold up to 8 long handled tools. 

Water Cooler Rack

Stay hydrated on the job site during hot summer days by mounting your standard 5 gallon water cooler in our handy Water Cooler Rack .

Fueling Station

Tired of hauling gas cans? With 20 and 40 gallon tanks for regular and mixed gas you no longer have to mess with dangerous, space consuming gas cans. Each tank comes with its own switch, pump, and  hose, for safe, clean fueling of your equipment.

Body Ventilation

Install vents on your van body to improve ventilation and safety

Remember, at Conyers Truck Bodies we can COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZE your truck to suit your business' needs. Here are just a few more options that were not pictured. If you don't see it here, be sure to ask our truck body specialists.

-Translucent roof for van bodies

-Liftgates from several major manufacturers

-Interior lighting for van bodies and crew cabs, including LED

- Exterior lighting such as LED work lights and floods.

-Barn style (swinging) rear doors or tailgate.

-Underbody coating

-Crew cab heater

-Side entry door on van bodies

-Generators for all day power.

-Power inverters for charging tools and short term power

-Custom shelves and racks

-Grab bars and steps